A very different resort in Northern Thailand
The pleasures of a first class resort combined with services devoted to good health, care, total rest and relaxation

Find Peace

Vivo bene Village is located 18 km from the city, surrounded by country lanes and rice paddies. Most guests are nature lovers who seek rest in beautiful surroundings.
  • Rest for relaxation or meditation.
  • Rest to banish accumulated stress.
  • Rest to get well after illness, or burnout.
  • Rest to write their first book!
Rest can be combined with professional care – medically qualified therapists are permanent members of staff. Options range from simple help such as help getting dressed, up to 24 hour care.
All areas are disability-friendly, including the pool. Holistic therapies encompass yoga, meditation, massage, stress reduction weight reduction and exercise programmes. Affordable long-stay rates offer excellent value.
A free shuttle bus takes guests into Chiang Mai centre for shopping or sightseeing. Most are thankful to return to the total tranquillity.


Accommodation is contained in six Pavilions with a choice of superior rooms, junior suites or apartments. Each Pavilion has a fully equipped self-service kitchen and Espresso bar and a spacious lounge area. Vivo bene also features eight luxury villas.
Many guests book for a few days, but stay longer. Vivo bene specialises in longstays, and won five stars in the Department of Thai Tourism’s “longstay” category. There is a special ambiance here.
Facilities include a swimming pool, lake, sala, shop, bakery, fitness room, pétanque, meeting room, hairdresser and beauty salon. The ‘Rössli’ restaurant serves Western, Asian and vegetarian dishes. A large organic garden provides the chef with pesticide-free vegetables. Excursions to local places of interest are easily arranged, together with longer trips to the “Golden Triangle” and beyond.


The surrounding countryside offers rich interest and enjoyment, with national parks, lakes, mountains & valleys, waterfalls, lakes, artisans and workshops to explore. Play golf at the Highlands Club, bike along country lanes, or just relax – totally.
Vivo bene is a sanctuary unlike any other. Swiss-owned and managed, it combines the facilities of a top resort with professional services devoted to health, well-being, rest and recreation. Whether you seek a peaceful holiday in lovely countryside, a retreat to rest and recover strength, to lose weight, or a place where guests with any disability can find caring assistance, it is here.

Care – Qualified Nurses & Therapists

Care can range from simple help such as getting dressed, up to round-the-clock supervision and assistance. Care is provided by medically qualified nursing staff, occupational therapists and nurse aides. The cost depends on the the type of care needed. For more information, please see our packages page.
To provide care, all aspects of a guest’s history are considered. When necessary or appropriate, we consult family or friends. Using this knowledge, care levels are planned and adjusted as needed to ensure the maximum comfort and well-being.


Use our online booking system to reserve a memorable holiday, a long-stay package, or enquire about care or other options.

Vivo Bene Village Inclusive Packages

Longstay and care programs.

All Longstay packages include free laundry, half board, a 20% discount on extras including alcoholic beverages, and more.

Wellness programmes in Chiang Mai.
Wellness Programmes

All Vivo bene packages can be combined with activities dedicated to good health. Every morning, guests are welcome to join gentle exercises and simple meditation suitable for all ages.

A resort for elderly care in Chiang Mai.
Care Services

Care services are provided by medically trained professionals and therapists. The cost depends on the type of care required. As a guide, basic care for one hour every day will cost THB 9,000 per month.

Thailand Tourism Standard Award
Thailand Tatler Restaurant Award 2017
  • „ Mein Mann und ich gehören zu den Jungen-Alten. Wir sind schon zum zweiten Mal hier und erwägen, bald fest hierher zu ziehen. Das Vivobene ist fürs Auge schön, für die Seele und auch für den Geist. Stilvolle Anlage, Verwöhnkultur und anregende Gespräche mit Menschen die hier wohnen oder von ausserhalb für ein gutes Essen oder ein Bier vorbeikommen.

    Auf Ausflügen oder beim Petanque Tournier lernt man sich kennen. Auf der Terrasse vor unserer Villa geniessen wir die Ruhe oder hören den Vögel zu und haben genug Zeit, ein dickes Buch zu lesen oder zu schreiben, da ja für alles gesorgt ist“

    E K, 77 Jährig, Pensinoärin, ihne Pflegebedürfnisse
  • „Wenn ich im Vivobene bin, fühle ich mich einfach happy. Gute Freunde, eine paradiesische Natur und phantastisches Essen, das ist für mich das Vivobene Village.

    Stell dir vor du suchtset einen Ort, der alles hat und gibt, was du brauchst, dann gehe ins Vivobene.

    H K, 70 Jährig, Pensionär, ohne Pflegebedürfnisse
  • When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he was already living in Chiang Mai. He had retired there, and was very happy living there. When he realized something was wrong, he returned to the states to get diagnosed and lived with family. He lives with me for a time, myself being his caregiver, but he wasn’t happy. He wanted to return to chiang mai. I took him there, got him an in-home care giver, but the apartment he had wasn’t set up well, it was unsafe, and caused both of us to worry about his safety. After searching online and speaking with some other expats in the area, I found Vivo Bene. Dad and I booked a night there to check it out, and in the morning he said to me, “when can I move in?”. I was so grateful to have found a place that is so beautiful, provides such great care, is set up more for people with dementia, has amazing food (Dad loves the Thai food!), and is affordable enough that he can stay there long term. I know he’s safe, and well cared for, and that is truly invaluable to me. I love going to visit him and staying right on the grounds in their beautiful rooms, and seeing the staff who treats us like family. Vivo Bene has truly been a blessing in our lives.

    S P, 35 Jährig, Tochter des Alzheimer erkrankten Michel Peterson
  • “ My husband has been living at Vivo bene for 1 year and a half . We are from the UK, he was diagnosed with Alsheimer a few years ago. My family and I have found the values of treating patients with great care and respect, it is quite unique as it envelopes not only, only the patient but the family also, which is so important. “

    C D, 70 Jährig, Ehefrau des Alzheimer erkrankten Nigel Davis
  • „ ich kenne das Vivobene seit 3 Jahren, von den Medien. 2017 kam ich das erste mal hierher und war sehr positiv überrascht, so das ich nun bereits zum 3 ten mal herkomme und mir überlege für immer hier zu bleiben. Die Umgebung gefällt mir sehr gut. Die Mitarbeiter sind alle lieb und zuvorkommend. Das Essen ist gut und abwechslungsreich. Auch für Ausflüge wird gesorgt und am Abend spiele ich Pétanque mit anderen Gästen und Angestellten.“

    R C, 71 Jährig, Pensionär ohne Pflegebedürfnisse
  • „ vor 8 Monaten, nach einer Rückenoperation und vierwöchiger Reha Verlegung in den Walliser Alpen, bin ich hier im Vivobene angekommen.

    Angekommen im wahrsten Sinne der Worte, hab ich doch meinen Altersitz gefunden und diesen mit Hilfe der thailändischen (Spitex) aus und aufbauen gekonnt.

    Es ist besonders erwähnens und bewunderungswert, mit welcher Hingabe die Menschen hier ihre Aufgabe des Dienens und Pflegens wahrnehmen und jung und alt betreuen“

    M P, 74 Jährig, Pensionär mit leichten Pflegebedürfnissen
  • „ich bin seit Oktober 2017 mit meinem Mann Mario hier, diesen Frühling 2018 ging ich nochmals in die Schweiz zurück um alle, vor Ort nötigen Geschichten zu erledigen. Nun bin ich definitiv hier und komme zum Schluss, wir sind nun im Altersheim angekommen. Wir mussten schmutzeln und sind dankbar, dass dieses Altersheim ein und im Paradies ist“

    U P, 71 jährig. Pensionärin ohne Pflegebedürfnsse
  • „ ich kam November-Dezember 2017 zur Probe in das Vivobene, es gefiel mir sehr gut. Ich ging zurück in die Schweiz und sagte mir, am 1 März 2018 werde ich für immer ins Vivobene gehen, auch um Neues zu erleben. Ich fühle mich hier sehr gut aufgenommen, erhalte gegeben falls nötige Unterstützung und bin nun hier zu Hause“

    W S, 80 Jährig, Pensionär ohne Pflegebedürfnisse:
  • We visited Vivo bene Village during our tour of Northern Thailand with Lanna Long-Stay. We were impressed by the tranquil beauty of this MedResort, Health and Wellness Retreat. For a relaxing getaway in a first class resort, with on site fine dining restaurant serving international and Asian cuisines and attractive health and wellness options we recommend Vivo bene Village.

    Alan & Rosalind
    Frequent Traveller
Video Presentation of Vivo Bene Village in Chiang Mai.
Video Presentation of Vivo Bene Village in Chiang Mai.