Care Programmes
Enjoy holidays in Chiang Mai, despite age or infirmity

Care may only be needed for simple tasks

Care can range from simple help such as getting dressed, up to round-the-clock supervision and assistance. Care is provided by medically qualified nursing staff, occupational therapists and nurse aides. The cost depends on the the type of care needed. For more information, please see our packages page.
To provide care, all aspects of a guest’s history are considered. When necessary or appropriate, we consult family or friends. Using this knowledge, care levels are planned and adjusted as needed to ensure the maximum comfort and well-being.

Qualified nurses, occupational therapists always ready to assist

In some cases, particularly those with age-related difficulties, care often goes beyond providing more than just physical comfort. This happens when guests need to feel that their carers understand the often complex emotions that they may be experiencing. This is why we choose carers with a natural empathy and a desire to help others in need. They are able to share, bond, enable, motivate, and encourage independence. Mutual trust, respect and affection develop. In such cases, the person does not feel emotionally “alone”.
A third aspect concerns accompanying relatives or friends, who may themselves be carers. They can experience sadness or anxiety. Whenever needed or necessary, they will also feel the embrace of Vivo bene care. Nobody here is ever just a name on a computer.