Vivobene Care Concepts

Vivobene practices care on two levels

Vivobene longstay care resort has a unique concept of care for almost everyone who needs care, but particularly for the aging society.

Carefully defining the appropriate level of care

Ordinary hands-on physical care ranges from simple help up to 24-hour supervision and assistance. To provide this, we consider all aspects of a guest's history. We consult family or friends where necessary or appropriate.

Using this knowledge, care levels are carefully planned and adjusted to ensure the maximum comfort and well-being. If a guest needs nothing more than an understanding and caring attitude, it is always present, proactive, reassuring and sincere.

The empathetic understanding

The second kind of care is special. In many cases, it is vitally important. It specifies to those who are recovering from illness or who suffer from serious disability (Dementica, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease) which is not always understood by those around them. They need to feel understood. This feeling can be absent, in even the best centers.

This is called empathetic understanding. It goes beyond providing physical comfort and professional training. It requires a natural ability to sense how a person feels inside; of what emotions may surge and fade inside them. It calls for quintessential compassion; it cannot be taught, or learned. Care supporters with this gift have a natural affinity to those who need help. Bonding happens naturally between them.

The care supporter enables, motivates and encourages independence. Confidence and self-esteem take form. Mutual trust, respect and affection develop. Once established, contentment and quality of life grow. No guest feels alone with their condition. This creates the optimum ambiance and environment for sustained improvement or eventual recovery.

Understanding and welcoming relatives or friends

A third aspect which is not always considered is accompanying relatives or friends, who themselves may be care supporters. They can experience sadness, distress, anxiety, or loneliness. Whenever needed or necessary, they are welcome to feel the embrace of Vivobene Care.

Ensuring maximum care and caring

To ensure maximum care - and caring - members of senior management are briefed about each guest's personal record. Nobody at Vivobene is ever just a name on a computer.

The 4 different care levels

Which care level is the right choice?


Minimal assistance required, such as getting dressed, or bathing. Guests are able to plan and organise their own daily schedule.


Suitable for guests requiring assistance with various tasks throughout the day, but able to manage simple aspects without difficulty.


For guests who need full hands-on assistance in every aspect of daily living, from walking until sleeping. No 1:1 supervision during the night.


The same as intensiveCARE, but with 1:1 supervision and support 24 hours a day.

Due to its great experience, our nursing department will determine the classification into the appropriate care stage.

Vivobene is expanding!

The demand for apartments and care rooms in Vivobene Village Resort is very high.
With Vivobene Studios & Suites and Vivobene Garden Retreat, we realize two new projects.

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