Investing in Thailands leading long stay care-resort

Vivobene is expanding! We need more apartments and care rooms to meet the increasing demand for care places.

Invest now in our living concept and benefit from a current interest rate of 6.9% p.a. in U.S. dollars.

The minimum investment is USD 95'000.- for a standard nursing room in a pavilion with guaranteed rental. Every month for 15 years you receive the amount of USD 850.- paid to your account, in Thailand or abroad.

Benefits of an investment in Vivobene:

Available apartments and care rooms

The Vivobene Resort is divided into 72 rooms in 6 pavilions and 8 separate double villas. Vivobene offers a total of 80 rooms.

Currently, apartments and nursing rooms from pavilion no. 6 are available for investment.

The rooms in pavilion 6 all have an area of approximately 33 m2. All rooms have a spacious bathroom with shower. The pavilion has a lounge area and a communal kitchen. All other facilities of the Vivobene Village such as the swimming pool, the fitness center or the petanque playing field can of course be used.

Room number Availability
601 Unavailable
602 Available
603 Available
604 Unavailable
605 Unavailable
606 Available
607 Unavailable
608 Available
609 Available
610 Available
611 Reserved
612 Reserved

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Vivobene is expanding!

The demand for apartments and care rooms in Vivobene Village Resort is very high.
With Vivobene Studios & Suites and Vivobene Garden Retreat, we realize two new projects.